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Mr Anson is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of the full range of urological conditions, ranging from simple urinary infections to the most complex case of kidney stones.

About Mr Ken Anson

A high-volume surgeon with excellent clinical outcomes, Mr Anson is also a nationally recognised key opinion leader, who carries his patient-centred approach to care across all aspects of his practice.

Having provided world-class care to urology patients for more than 23 years, Mr Anson has developed and introduced many new surgical techniques to help serve patients who suffer from urinary tract stone disease (kidney stones), endourology and sepsis. This deep interest in urology research and development that has ensured his urology private practice a place on the world map. He has wide-ranging expertise, including specialist interest in the treatment of a whole host of urological conditions, including urinary tract stone disease (kidney stones), ureteric obstruction, ureteric colic, laser surgery, lithotripsy (ESWL), endourology, urinary infections, sepsis, ureteric stents, haematuria and benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Mr Anson is also passionate about the benefits state-of-the-art technology can bring to his patients.  Using minimally invasive surgical techniques, he offers patients faster recovery times, lower surgical complication rates and an overall positive surgical experience.

He has published extensively on many areas of urology and lectures both nationally and internationally on these topics. Alongside his clinical work, Mr Anson has held important leadership roles at St George’s University Hospital, including serving as a Divisional Chairman for three years. He has been an Assessor for the Intercollegiate Examination in Urology and he serves as the Royal College of Surgeon’s representative on the Intercollegiate Board Urology and examines internationally. He has also been Clinical Lead for the Endourology Unit at St George’s University Hospital for a number of years.

Mr Anson has also held several important national roles for the British Association of Urological Surgeons, including the position of Trustee for several years. He is also a previous Secretary and Chair of the Section of Endourology. He is now the Treasurer and Trustee for the British Journal of Urology International.

A passionate advocate of teaching and training, Mr Anson is a regular faculty member of national and international skills courses and is a Reader in Urology at St George’s University Hospital. He also regularly contributes to media campaigns for the Urology Foundation charity.

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Meet the wider team

Sam Applegate

Sam is a radiographer specialising in ESWL (lithotripsy). Lithotripsy is the breaking of kidney stones using pressure or shock waves. These waves are focused on to the kidney stone with the use of ultrasound and X-rays. The pressure waves reduce the kidney stone to a fine gravel which may be passed naturally in urine over a period of time, usually with no pain.

Sam has extensive experience in the treatment of kidney stones using lithotripsy and works closely with Mr Anson to deliver outstanding care for patients suffering from kidney stones. He is the lithotripsy lead at HCA Healthcare UK and is based at London Bridge Hospital.

Sam Applegate Lithotripsy lead Sam Applegate Lithotripsy lead

Abbie Goring

Abbie Goring is Mr Anson’s PA and is an integral part to the practice. Abbie has a wealth of experience in urology. Abbie is always on hand to help Mr Anson's patients and answer any questions.

Abbie is instrumental to Mr Anson’s practice and is well versed in the worries and concerns often experienced by patients; no question is too slight!

Please contact Abbie should you have any concerns, who will be more than happy to assist.

 Abby Goring Senior Medical Secretary  Abby Goring Senior Medical Secretary

Dr Sue Hutchinson

Dr Hutchinson is an experienced consultant anaesthetist who has worked with Mr Anson for a number of years, supporting each patient in their theatre journey. 


Hazel Garcia Hazel Garcia

Theatre team

Hazel Garcia is the Sister in the operating theatre and leads the theatre team during procedures with Mr Anson.

Hazel ensures all Mr Anson's patients are supported before and during their procedure as well as post operatively.

Ken Anson with the Theatre team Ken Anson with the Theatre team

Nursing team

The nursing team working with Mr Anson are experienced with urology and kidney care.

The nursing team include:

Mehdi Johansson (top left)
Lina Jones (bottom left)
Jose Pinto (bottom right)

Our team at The Kidney Stones Clinic Our team at The Kidney Stones Clinic

Our clinic

Our mission is to provide patients with the greatest level of personalised care. We pride ourselves on offering the highest standard of private healthcare for patients in a unique, top-quality clinical environment. With specialised knowledge of urological conditions, we are able to offer the full spectrum of urological care, encompassing patient treatment in the outpatient, day surgery and hospital setting.

Follow Mr Ken Anson on YouTube

Take a look at Mr Anson’s YouTube channel talking all things kidney stones and urology.

Follow Mr Ken Anson on YouTube

Take a look at Mr Anson’s YouTube channel talking all things kidney stones and urology.

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